10 COMPLETE WASTES OF MONEY ON A CRUISE | How to Save Money on a Cruise!

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Everyone asks us on how to save money on a cruise. That is why we are always cautious about all those “extras” that the cruise lines try to sell you pre-cruise and while you onboard. So, to help you from breaking your budget on your next voyage, we share the 10 things that are a complete waste of money on a cruise.

Do you have additional things that are a waste of money on a cruise? Share them with us in the comments section below. Please let us know your cruise tips on how to save money on a cruise!

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3:42 Art Auctions
4:40 Cruise Line Shore Excursions
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If you are looking for how to save money on a cruise, you can start by cutting out some of the additional costs from all those cruise “extras”. Cruises are an amazing value, as so much is included in the cruise fare. Your cabin, most dining, onboard activities, and entertainment are usually all part of the price you pay for the cruise. Still, not everything that is on the ship is included. There are several add-ons, some that probably a waste of money.

For starters, one of our cruise money saving tips is to pass on priority boarding. Many cruise lines let you pay for the privilege of being the first on the ship and the first off at the ports of call. This service does little to improve your overall cruise vacation. Plus, if you complete your check-in early enough, you will be among the first on the ship for NO additional cost.

You will see photographers everywhere on your ship. While it is fun to pose for a few professional photos, the $20+ price per photo is usually not worth it to most cruisers. That is an easy way on how to save money on a cruise.

Another waste of money on a cruise is attending those art auctions. Don’t waste your time trying to get a free glass of champagne out of the deal. Even if you are an art expert, we suspect you will find these art auctions to not be worth your time.

We wouldn’t recommend spending your money on a spa treatment on the ship either. If you want to pamper yourself, we suggest you do some pre-cruise investigating of your ports of call. You will likely find resorts and beach breaks that offer massages by the ocean for a much better price! The same goes for shore excursions. You can usually find cheaper and more authentic experiences when booking with local vendors instead of the cruise lines.

While these next two items might be a bit controversial among cruisers, if you are looking to save money, we suggest you skip purchasing a drink package and any specialty dining.

For many cruisers, a drink package is a waste of money. To “break even” travelers need to consume 6-8 alcoholic beverages, depending on your drink preferences. So, unless you can constantly drink this many beverages each day, you can save money on a cruise by purchasing your drinks a la carte.

Most modern cruise ships offer a variety of restaurants and different dining options that are complimentary. With all of these options, you don’t have to spend your money on specialty dining on a cruise. While we do splurge from time to time, skipping specialty dining is an easy way to save money.

Skip the duty free shopping and up-charge classes and seminars too. Most importantly, if you don’t want to waste money on a cruise, stay away from the casino. It is easy for us to say not to waste your money at the cruise ship casino as we are not big gamblers. This is another simple way of how to save money on a cruise.

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