14 Things I LOVED & HATED About My First Holland America Cruise, Nieuw Statendam Cruise Review

I consider myself a cruise sampler! I love to experience all different types of cruise lines so I can better educate you for a YOUR cruise vacation! And I’ve now checked trying Holland America Line off my list! I did another solo cruise on a “new to me” cruise line! Here is a cruise review of my experience on the Holland America, Nieuw Statendam. A Pinnacle-class cruise ship with the Holland fleet! I share what aspects of the cruise vacation I loved and hated! I learned a lot throughout this cruise and overall really enjoyed this new experience! I’m happy to share that I had more aspects that I loved than hated! Do you enjoy this kind of cruise review? Let me know in the comments if you would like to see this type of video in the future!

0:00 Intro
:26 Hates- What I HATED about my Holland America Cruise
10:58 Loves- What I LOVED about my Holland America Cruise

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#hollandamerica #nieuwstatendam

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