Boarding the FIRST EVER Virgin Voyages Cruise! Lots of Surprises!

We’re cruising on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady – You won’t believe what we found in our cabin!!
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Finally, Virgin Voyages have launched and we’ve just disembarked Scarlet Lady. Join us as we show you around our incredible Rockstar Suite, explore the ship and have our first meal!

We’ve seen clickbait videos about whether Virgin Voyages listened, we’re not sure what they were supposed to listen to because absolutely nothing changed (apart from Covid stuff) – hilarious to think they would change because of one YouTuber’s opinion! 😂😂😂 We’re so glad Virgin stuck firmly to their unique product, it’s very different and refreshing from how you might think it is!

Disclaimer: We have very kindly been invited on board by Virgin Voyages but as usual expect our open and honest opinion! We are not being paid a penny and Virgin has no control over our content or any kind of approval.

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