Cruise Ship Onboard Gratuities: How Much the Crew Gets | Royal Caribbean Gratuities Explained!

When going on most major cruise lines, you will be assessed onboard gratuities or automatic gratuities for each night you are on the ship. Cruise gratuities can be complicated but I will walk you through how much the onboard gratuities are, how you pay those automatic gratuities (prepaid gratuities or while on the cruise), and how much the crew is actually probably getting.

The video will focus on Royal Caribbean onboard gratuities but the concept applies to most gratuities on cruise ships.

From there, I will analyze if the automatic gratuities enough of a tip for me to personally show my appreciation.

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00:00 Intro & Topics
01:55 Why do we have automatic gratuities and tip cruise staff
04:28 How much are Royal Caribbean’s Onboard Gratuities
06:29 How to pay gratuities on a cruise ship? Prepaid Gratuities or Onboard?
07:30 Are onboard gratuities enough of a tip for crew members?
10:02 Biggest reason guest provide for not tipping crew members

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