Everything you NEED to Know Celebrity Cruises

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Celebrity Cruises. There are so many different cruise lines each with their own personality. We want to help you decide if Celebrity Cruises is the right cruise line for you and help you know how to prepare for your upcoming sailing.

We our Celebrity Cruises need to know video looking at Celebrity Cruises fleet. Celebrity ships are known for their luxury, technology and reimagined venues. Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean International and has 16 ships in its fleet ranging from the Celebrity Xploration which has a guest capacity of 16 to Celebrity Reflection which has a guest capacity of 3,480. They have four main classes of ships. The Galapagos is for expedition travel in Ecuador, Edge is the newest class with the magic carpet cantilevered on the side of the ship and currently the Solstice and Millennium make up most of the fleet. Celebrity Cruises Apex is the sister ship of the Edge which is what we sailed on this past summer.

Celebrity Cruises dining and drinks is a big category when it comes to sailing. This is an important Celebrity Cruises must know section if you are a first time cruiser. Right now Celebrity Cruises are offering the Always Included deal. This includes unlimited classic drinks, unlimited wifi and free gratuities. So what does classic drinks mean? This covers all drinks on the menu that are $9 or less. This is most typical liquors, cocktails, beers, soda, bottled water, coffee and fun fancy coffee.

In our Celebrity Cruises review we take a thorough look at dining. Celebrity Cruises are known for their great quality and very unique dining experiences. Their main dining room has great quality food and a good selection. Even better on the new edge class there are 4 different MDRs that are all included. Each has its own theme and special menu options including a set menu that is available in all 4 dining rooms. Linda’s favorite was Cyprus which is Mediterranean inspired. Aron’s favorite was Tuscan which is Italian themed. Cosmopolitan is new american with global influences and Normandie has a french inspired menu.

Celebrity Cruises update to their venues takes cruising to another level. Celebrity cruises has designed lots of great spaces for organized entertainment or just to enjoy. We found ourselves in The Club almost everyday. This space will offer activities from day to night. It is great to either watch or participate in the activities as there is a balcony which overlooks all the fun. Eden is a gorgeous entertainment space with a bar, great views and lots of seating. You can come and enjoy the live music in the evenings and relax with your morning coffee and watch the waves.

We hope that you liked our video about the Celebrity Cruises Tips. Do you have a favourite Celebrity Cruises dining location? What do you think of Celebrity Cruises Infinite review? Are there another Celebrity Cruises must know tips you would include? Please let us know in the comments below.

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