Holland America Rotterdam Cruise Review 2022 | See All the HAL Rotterdam Highlights!

How does Holland America’s new cruise ship, Rotterdam, compare to the competition? We detail everything in our exclusive HAL Rotterdam cruise review. Hint: this might be the most underrated new cruise ship of 2022!

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1:15 Casual Dining on Rotterdam Holland America
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3:50 Specialty Restaurants
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Holland America’s new cruise ship was released in late 2021. Holland America Rotterdam is the seventh ship to bear this iconic name. This ship is also the third in the Pinnacle Class. This 100K gross ton ship can hold 2,600 passengers and is home to 14 decks.

While Holland America Rotterdam might be one ship you don’t hear a lot about, you should not overlook this ship. In fact, there are several things that this ship does better than the competition. In fact, it might be one of the best new cruise ships of 2022.

The one place where HAL Rotterdam is better than the competition is the dining. The cruise ship offers a variety of dining options.

For casual dining, the cruise ship has one of the best buffets. The Lido Marketplace offers a variety of great dining options in an easy and predictable layout. Other quick bites are offered at the Dive-In, home to some of the best burgers at sea. The NY Pizza and Deli also serves up admirable slices of pie and a variety of sandwiches. While the pizza might not be the best at sea, the meatball sandwich was great.

HAL Rotterdam also shines with the included main dining room and up-charge specialty restaurants. With plenty of selections, and amazing service, we really enjoyed the three dinners we had in the MDR. In terms of specialty dining, our favorites were the steakhouse Pinnacle Grill and the French-inspired Rudi’s Sel de Mer.

For a ship of its size, Rotterdam was home to a variety of bars and lounges with signature drink menus as well. We quite enjoyed our drinks at the music venues. Among our favorite bars was the new Half Moon Bar.

Another thing that sets this ship apart from other contemporary cruise lines is the diversity of live music. We were huge fans of the Music Walk.

In particular, the Rolling Stone Rock Room. New to this class of ships, this venue offered the best rock band we ever saw on a cruise ship. The Billboard Onboard piano bar also offered great renditions of classic piano songs. We loved both venues on Holland America Rotterdam.

Additionally, the ship has two other music venues in one on Rotterdam Holland America. The B.B. King’s Blues Club and the Lincoln Center Stage share a deck 2, two-story room. Here, you can enjoy chamber music from a four piece orchestra or easy listening and pop jazz music. The venue features the cruise ship’s comedian and hosted game shows like Majority Rules as well.

While dining and the live music are certainly Holland America Rotterdam’s best features, this new Holland America cruise ship also has several onboard amenities. The adults only Sea View Pool at the aft of the ship offers a preferable area compared to the covered cruise ship solariums on other cruise lines.

Our stateroom on Rotterdam Holland Ameirca also exceeded our expectations. While about the same size as most cruise ships, it had refined finishes, plenty of technology, and an oversized bathroom. It was certainly a major upgrade to most cruise ship cabins.

It is true that the entertainment on the ship in the World Stage was just average. Although, we did enjoy the EXC talk on Holland America’s origin and the dance show Humanity.

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