Holland America ROTTERDAM Full Ship Tour 2022

Holland America Line | Rotterdam Full Ship Tour
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This is our Holland America Rotterdam Full Ship Tour 2022 – our in-depth narrated version of a ship tour aboard this iconic cruise ship. Rotterdam is a medium-sized cruise ship, operated by Holland America, one of the world’s most historic and traditional cruise lines. Rotterdam as a cruise ship, features an astounding array of venues and amenities onboard – including decent size swimming pools, whirlpools, a state of the art Greenhouse Spa and fitness centre, the World Theatre seating around 700 passengers, designer boutique shops and a fine selection of speciality and inclusive dining venues – such as Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind and Name Sushi. In this Rotterdam Mini Ship Tour, we’ll show you everything that this cruise ship has to offer – from keel to mast. If you would like to discover HAL Rotterdam in less detail to simply grasp whether this ship is for you or not, please check out our ROTTERDAM MINI SHIP TOUR on our channel, or click the link from our video list below.

*We were invited aboard Rotterdam by Holland America, as part of a Press Trip in celebration of the company’s 150th Anniversary – where Rotterdam was due to sail the inaugural route of the very-first Rotterdam passenger ship belonging to the company. A big thank you to Holland America for making this video possible, and for giving us a taste of this historic cruise line. For more cruise ship videos, please subscribe to our channel!

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