The pros and cons of working for Virgin Voyages

Hey Sailors,

I have been working on cruise ships for the past four years and I still love it so so much. However, like any job it has its ups and downs, and just like if you were an accountant looking to work at a new company doing the same role, I made the choice to switch cruise companies but still doing the same job.

I chose to take a chance on the newest addition to the cruise industry, Virgin Voyages.

They may only have one ship, but have still managed to make a splash in the industry by showing their competitors that they can break the cruising mould and do things very differently for not only their passengers but also their crew.

I started my contract onboard the Scarlet Lady in January 2020 and came home in March due to Covid-19, so although my time onboard was short, I still got to see if Virgin Voyages have managed to keep their promises.

In this video I go through the pros and cons of this new cruise line from a crew members perspective. As I know, there are a lot of people considering working for Virgin Voyages. Hopefully this will help you make a decision.

This is from my perspective and in no way is this video meant to put you off working for Virgin Voyages. It is simply to help make you aware. I loved my time on The Scarlet Lady and fully intend to go back when it is safe to do so. Every company in the world has pros as well as cons, so it would be silly to think that a brand new company is going to have everything perfect first time. The pros outweigh the cons.

I hope the advice in this video is helpful and who knows, I might see you on the Scarlet Lady sometime soon.

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