Virgin Voyages Bar Tab Review. Better Than A Beverage Package?

When Virgin Voyages came to the market they decided they didn’t want to do “Beverage Packages” and instead launched the Bar Tab. So in this video we ask, Virgin Voyages – Bar Tab Review. Better Than A Beverage Package?

Virgins “Drinks Package” is not like the rest of the industry, at least not how you might think of them. Instead you can pre-load (often with a credit bonus of up to 40%+) before your cruise to help you budget, or you can simply pay as you go.

As big fans of a Drinks Package, what did we think of this, compared to our usual, Unlimited Drinks type packages?

It’s worth us saying, Cruise Credits can go towards your Bar Tab, but your specific pre-paid Bar Tab, cannot go towards your non-drinks cruise bill.

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Thanks, Linzi & Mark

00:00 Intro
00:15 Bar Tab Review
05:35 Bar Tab, Summary

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