Virgin Voyages Complete Dining Guide

In this video we are presenting our Virgin Voyages complete dining guide to all the food and restaurants.
Having cruised on all of the Virgin Ships (at time of recording), and eaten at every venue, we have put together this definitive guide, letting you know which virgin voyages restaurants or venues are essential (if you are on a shorter cruise) and even where you can eat 24 hours a day.

There is no doubt, that as the new kids in town, when it comes to cruise ships, or cruise lines, Virgin Voyages ships stand out, they are modern and very different to many of the others out there, both inside and out, and nowhere is this more so than in its food offerings.
So take a look at our video, and see for yourselves which places you’d like to eat at first on your next Virgin Voyages cruise.

As usual with our videos, our commentary is done in a single take to give you our honest, non-scripted opinions. And as always our videos and all content is shot by us, in 4K and no stock images are used.

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Thanks, Linzi & Mark

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00:00 Intro to the Complete Dining Guide to Virgin Voyages
00:25 The Complete Guide
00:56 Must Try Restaurants on Virgin Voyages
01:06 The Wake Restaurant Brunch & Dinner onboard Virgin Cruises
02:50 Gunbae Restaurant – BBQ at Sea on Virgin
04:52 Test Kitchen Restaurant – Virgins most polarising restaurant
06:54 Highly Recommended Places to Eat – Extra Virgin
08:26 Razzle Dazzle Restaurant – Vegan & Veggie Lovers delight
09:48 Pink Agave Restaurant – Virgin Voyages Modern Mexican
10:40 Snacks and Late Night Food
11:00 The Galley and 24 hour Diner
12:23 The Pizza Place on board a Virgin Cruise
12:51 Lick Me Till Ice Cream
13:14 Sun Club Cafe – Poke Bowls
13:48 The Dock House – Meze Cart
14:08 Social Club Diner & The Sip Lounge
14:42 Final Thoughts

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Virgin Voyages Restaurants

complete dining guide to virgin voyages

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