Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Food Review. Best Food or Hype?

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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Food. The Best Food at sea or Hype? We booked @Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady specifically FOR the restaurants and dining onboard and that’s what this Virgin cruises review focuses on. Virgin has been hyping the all-inclusive meals that raise the standard for cruising. We’ve sailed 7 other cruise lines so now the big questions is, how does Virgin stack up? Does the Virgin Voyages food in the included 20 eateries live up to the hype? We ate a LOT of food to find out! Come on our eating journey with us.

00:00 Start
00:11 Overview
00:47 The Dock
01:53 Gunbae Korean BBQ
07:17 Social Club Diner
07:58 The Test Kitchen (Experimental Cuisine)
14:29 The Pizza Place
15:15 Extra Virgin (Italian)
17:53 Consider Subscribing, Thank You!
18:08 Razzle Dazzle (Brunch)
22:02 Pink Agave (Mexican)
24:33 The Wake (Brunch)
26:02 Afternoon Tea at Sip Champagne Lounge
28:54 The Galley (Food Hall)
32:00 The Wake (Dinner)

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