Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Review. Adult-Only Cruise

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Our Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady review is such a surprise. Going into this cruise we were prepared to be ‘one and done’ with Virgin Voyages. After researching Virgin Voyages and the Scarlet Lady for years before our cruise, we were absolutely not prepared at all for the experience we actually had on the ship. This Virgin Cruises Review will show how this could be the best cruise ship out there today? What surprised us? Watch the episode and you’ll see. 🙂

Be sure to watch our entire Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Playlist include our Food and Cabin Tours!

00:00 Intro
00:46 Our Booking, How We Got Our Suite
01:35 The Ship
05:46 Ship Vibe and Crew.
09:31 Included WiFi. Is It Good?
10:10 Scarlet Lady Food.
14:13 Cocktails And Mocktails
15:25 The Pools and Sundecks
19:00 Entertainment. It’s More Than You Think
25:53 Bimini Beach Resort.
27:01 The Rock Star Life, Do You Need It?
31:21 Swing And A Miss. Some Shortcomings
33:00 The Verdict. Would We Recommend Scarlet Lady?

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