Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Food & Restaurant Review

Join us for our Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Food & Restaurant Review.

Shortly after launching the first ship, Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages quickly got a reputation as being a “Foodies” ship, and with its 2nd ship now launched, would that reputation continue to grow with Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady? Take a trip with us whilst we chat and give our Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Food & Restaurant Review thoughts and see for yourselves.

As usual with our videos, our commentary is done in a single take to give you our honest, non-scripted opinions. And as always our videos and all content is shot by us, in 4K (usually) and no stock images are used.

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Thanks, Linzi & Mark

00:00 Intro to Valiant Lady
00:27 Valiant Lady Extra Virgin – The Italian Eatery
04:19 Foodie Extras Food Of The Gods – Food, Cocktails & Instagram
05:53 Foodie Extras Grog Walk – The Virgin Voyages way
07:05 The Wake on Valiant Lady – Steak & Seafood Extravaganza
09:35 Test Kitchen – Experimental Food at its best
19:52 Razzle Dazzle – Food for everyone on Valiant Lady
22:11 Valiant Lady So much choice
22:44 Valiant Lady Food & Restaurant Score

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