Which cruise line is BEST? – Royal Caribbean Vs Celebrity Cruises

There are so many different cruise lines to choose from and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are two big cruise lines that are owned by the same parent company. We are going to be comparing Royal Caribbean vs Celebrity Cruises looking at some key areas including food, value, staterooms and more. We want to make sure you have all the information to help plan your vacation.

We start our review comparing Celebrity vs Royal Caribbean food. This area is a big part of cruising for me. I love trying different foods and dining at new restaurants. Both cruise lines included some beverages like lemonade, coffee, teas and a few other juices in your cruise fair. They also have buffets and a variety of quick service areas. When talking about Royal Caribbean Cruise food there are a lot of included locations and some traditional specialty restaurants. Celebrity Cruise line wins this category as they have four main dining rooms on their new class of ship and the quality is outstanding.

The next category of our Royal Caribbean vs Celebrity cruises comparison is the staterooms. Royal Caribbean Cruise has a huge fleet of over 25 ships ranging in size and age. With the variety of rooms you are sure to find one you like. I find they are pretty traditional but well appointed. Something that Royal Caribbean offers are interior room balconies. These are balconies over neighbourhoods like Central Park and the Boardwalk. Celebrity Cruise line staterooms emphasize how they have large washrooms and more spacious cabins. We did find the washrooms were pretty big which was nice and the rooms did a good job incorporating a lot of storage space and you can put your suitcases under the bed. The feel of the rooms was very modern with lots of hidden storage space. Something that we are not a fan of was the infinite veranda. For this category Celebrity vs Royal was hard to pick a clear winner as there are parts of both that we like.

Another category we look at for our Celebrity vs Royal Caribbean comparison is entertainment. Both cruise lines offer a lot of on board entertainment and have a great crew that organize activities to participate in. They also offer evening entertainment like dances, performances and more. You will not be bored on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises.

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